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What are the advantages and disadvantages of open source CRM

Open Source CRM, the eminent application of digital marketing that allows you to manage your overall business operation from a single place. The source code of open source CRM software is publicly accessible which gives more flexibility to its users. Another from this, it offers a wide range of advanced features. 

Hence, this blog will explore the advantages and disadvantages of open source CRM software applications. Hence, let’s begin!

Advantages of Open source CRM software 

  • Proper Integration: 

Open source software allows you to integrate your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software with any other platform whether it is of social media or other. And make you able to operate both the platform bi-directionally or from a single space.

  • Accessible Source Code:

The open source application is designed with open source code. That means its source code is free to access publicly which a wide variety of flexibility to users for adding or removing any functionality from the CRM.

  • Free or very less paid License:

The license of open source CRM systems is available free of cost or at a very low price in the market, hence small businesses are also free to move. That means, if you are thinking of bringing this amazing solution to your business then your pocket will appreciate you. 

  • Full Flexibility:

Another attractive feature of this application is that its users have no need to ask its owner to integrate it with third-party softwares like Microsoft Outlook, Paadot, Hubspot, & more.

Disadvantages of Open source CRM software 

  • Lack of Security: 

As this software application is freely accessible on the web, so there are high chance that the data of its user can be simply hacked or accessed by others. As a consequence, the database of the customers of the organization that are using this application can be easily scattered on the web. 

  • Dependency on Uptime:

The vendor of open source CRM software does not offer any support or else so, it makes you dependent on your third-party providers’ support. Also, to utilize all benefits of this software you’re required to have in-house developer, or have to pay a high-rise package to the outer developer for the same. 

  • Little Vendor Support: 

As open source CRM’s license is free or less paid, so vendor of this software has no involvement in your business consequently you’ll not get any support either. 

  • Limited Support: 

In case, you’ve any issue regarding to its maintenance, set-up process, stability, working performance, & more then you’ll have to make your all thing by paying extra cost. As a consequence, the support system of this opnely available CRM sysem is very weak. 

Final Words:

Thinking that open source CRM is a best choice or not to tailor with your all business’s ups and downs then here we’ve mentioned some concise points. The points or advantages & disadvantage will give you the reaons to go for it or not, depends on the various requirements of your business operations. Therefore, let’s have a look at them and move with your choice

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