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Traditional CRM vs Open Source CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software plays a crucial role in handling & enhancing every single operation of businesses through various methods and functionalities. It allows you to manage interactions, simply communicate, streamline the process, generate healthy customer relationships, offer good customer service support, drive sales, and more.

Basically, the Customer Relationship Management system is able to perform its role for every size as well as for every industry of businesses but not at every price. In addition to this, when it comes to choosing the right CRM solution at a low price you get confused between Traditional CRM vs open source CRM.

Today, we’ll talk on the same topic and help you embrace the best one that can simply be tailored to your various business needs. For this, let’s discuss each separately.

What is Traditional CRM?

Traditional CRM or proprietary is the normal CRM solution that helps you in manipulating your several operations within some features and a fair pricing plan.

Let’s discuss the basic factors of Traditional CRM

  1. Cost:

You are allowed to access traditional CRM software with a hefty price tag that will include the expenditure of its licensing fees, implementation, & ongoing maintenance. Hence the pricing plan of traditional CRM can become a significant barrier for small and medium-sized businesses that do carry a limited pocket range.

  1. Limited Customization:

When you’ll come to the customization of proprietary CRM then you’ll find a very flexiblity. Also, you have to ask its vendor for every single customization and other requirements like third-party integration.

  1. Vendor Lock-In:

Traditional CRM is accessible only with the vendor’s permission hence you may have to face difficulties if you decide to switch to another solution & or make other changes.

What is Open Source CRM?

Open source CRM software is one that is publicly accessible and has made its source code as well as license-free for everyone & offers very innovative features.

Let’s discuss the basic factors of Open Source CRM

  1. Cost-Effective:

Open source CRM software is usually free for everyone or accessible at a very low cost with a bundle of advanced features. This feature has made it an attractive option for those businesses that are looking to save on software expenses..

  1. Customization:

The feature of the flexibility of open source CRM is so impressive as it has made its source code freely accessible. Hence everyone is able to customize their openly accessible CRM based on their requirement without any hassle. Hence adaptability of openly accessible CRM allows you to optimize processes & serve better service to your customer base.

  1. Vendor Independence:

When it comes to the role of a vendor, open source CRM becomes independent. This is because you have the authority to choose from a variety of service providers or even manage the software in-house which can reduce vendor lock-in risks.


When you will go to approach the best solution between traditional CRM vs open source CRM you’ve to analyze your business’s specific needs, budget, & long-term goals. Therefore, based on your business requirements and priorities you may choose any solution from traditional CRM vs open source CRM. For example, if your preference is saving on budget then open source is best while if the preference is security then traditional CRM is best.

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